The best selling brand in the entire lollipop category
Per AC Nielsen Company Scan Track Data Report
Brand Sales per Point of Distribution, South & West Regions 52 weeks ending 08/03/13


Founded in 1986, Sonric’s is the best known and consumed candy brand in Mexico. Sonric's is part of the PepsiCo Group, which is formed by leading companies in their field.

ROCKALETA: its delicious taste and innovative concept has conquered the preference of the U.S. market, which will take it to the leadership position in sales soon. Rockaleta is a guaranteed sales succes, as it is the strongest selling lollipop in the in Mexico with its unique combination or multiple
colors and flavors of sweetness & chili with a mango-_avored gum center, exciting the senses !


  • Rockaleta is the leading lollipop brand in Mexico.
  • Most of the Bubble Babbies line could be retailed for $1.00
  • Unique combination of flavors
  • Excelent Quality: Sonric’s products are manufactured by SABRITAS, a PepsiCo owned Company.


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