Veladora Mexico

+ Description

Veladora Mexico is a 100% Mexican company and largest Mexican manufacturer of religious candles. For over 40 years, Veladora Mexico has proudly been the leader, not only in sales, but most importantly in quality.

With a monthly production capacity of over 5 million cases, Veladora Mexico not only consistently but is very well positioned to service the growing US Hispanic market demand as well.

+ Top reasons to buy

Superior quality recognized in Mexico as well as in the U.S.A. Veladora Mexico’s quality has enabled it to capture 30% of the Mexican Religious Candle market and distribution in over 17 U.S. states.

Label quality: Veladora Mexico candles are unique in the market as the only brand to use a plastic thermoadjustable label giving it unsurpassed quality.

Large variety of Religious Images: Veladora Mexico proudly makes over 40 Religious images, helping provide ample flexibility in supliying costumers demand.

All our candles have a light scent to minimize the odor of the wick. Apart from scented candles, Veladora Mexico provides non-scented versions as well as a variety of colors.

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